Madonna’s son Rocco takes a swipe at her Mannequin Challenge


Rocco Ritchie has publicly announced how happy he is that he no longer lives with his mother, Madonna.
In an Instagram post which has since been deleted, the 16-year-old made a comment about Madonna’s recent video completing the mannequin challenge around a dinner table with friends.
‘So glad I don’t live there anymore,’ came Rocco’s cutting remark.

This sparked a series of Madonna’s fans to contact him via the social networking site, in an attempt to reach out to the troubled teen.

When the fans asked why he was making unkind remarks, saying to him that the dinner ‘looked like a lot of fun’, he replied with laughing emojis.

He then proceeded to block said fans, after which he removed his comment; the original video has also since been removed.

The video also featured Rocco’s siblings David, 11, and Mercy, ten, doing the challenge with Madonna, 58, who posed with food dangling from her lip.


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